Thursday, 12 May 2011

Hard To Face It

Sometimes, you can skirt an issue... especially in photography. Sometimes no matter how well you think your saying something, you never quite make it... you get to a point and then back off.

Maybe its time to face up and say what I have to say.... thats what I'm going to try to do in the next few shoots, hopefully I'll get there.

But in the mean time:

What worries me most... more than my actions to date... is when I look into my eyes I will see that I am just like them.... what then???

I tried for so long not to be a 'real man', that when the injury happened that robbed me of so much that it had a galvanising effect... what it took with one hand (literally), it gave with another, and I fought to be the man I had tried to deny I was for so long.... confusing, but when is life anything but?


  1. Interesting read, Life has taught me to take nothing for granted. My friend you more than anyone know that everything can change in an instant. As for being a 'real man' for me it's how you pick yourself up and deal with the issue that defines you. Much respect.........

  2. Thanks man, I appreciate the comments. In some ways a lot of this whole project is about is facing my demons once and for all.... there's so many levels to it, just not sure I'm going down the right rabbit hole.