Monday, 27 August 2012

Keep on Rolling...

So last week I did the next shoot and went back into the studio with the aim of creating something similar to the digital shots from the previous post but with my 5x4 camera. Unfortunately I ran out of Ilford delta 100, but decided to shoot anyway with FP4... I think that in future for this project Delta is the way to go, so will order some in a bit.

I only shot 7 images and out of them only decided to edit one. There were two images/poses I was focusing on, the first just didn't work, the second worked but lacks the impact of the original images. The aim was to explore 1/2 length body shots, to mix it up a bit and see what I came up with.

Here are the images:

So here's the first edit... okay, on my laptop this looks very dark, but was edited on a calibrated monitor so should print the way it looks on the big Mac... ha ha

From a positive point of view: I like the lighting and general feel of the image, toning down the textures seems to work well (working on a 50/50 split from my last post). The sharpening worked well, but I was wondering whether to go with an ultra realistic really sharpened look or with the look I went with which is target specific. I'm also getting to grips with this digital colouring of the original B&W images...

On a negative: The pose and over all feel isn't as classic or dramatic as the original images which inspired me to take this project forward. Maybe need to move the camera around a bit more... I think perhaps I should try again but shooting down from a higher vantage point, this might add to the insecurity and feel of the image???

Here's the same image but lightened so that it looks correct on my laptop:

Sooooooooo there's lots to be thinking about, shooting angles, poses and even looking at landscape as opposed to portrait, maybe even 3/4 length shots....

I'll let you know how I get on.

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