Monday, 20 February 2012

From The Shadows

Well it feels like forever since I last posted, a mix of taking some time out, university work getting heavy for a while and some success which seem to be gaining a momentum all of its own. But first I think I'll show you the images from the very first shoot of a new project.

From The Shadows (working title)

I started on this last week, I seem to have been doing everything over the last 6 months to do with photography but had very little time to actually start a new project... anyway I'm setting that right.

The premiss of this body of work is to depict the discovery of something new in or about someone we thought we knew. I think we fall into an idea of what someone is and then are amazed when we find something out about them that we just never thought possible or even conceived of...

My children very kindly volunteered for this shoot, I plan on taking it out of the studio and moving into locations and using flash heads to create a similar effect with a good mix of different models. While the effect is still a little rough it gives me a really good starting point although to be honest I can pretty much guarantee that the final images will be very different... but I'll keep you informed and up to date with more regular posts.


Wow the last 6 months in particular this month has been mental. Following on from my publication in Eyemazing magazine Winter Edition 2011, I was quickly picked up by PH Magazine and F-Stop Magazine (I'll give links in a bit). I then found out one of my images was selected for exhibition in Sample 12 by the Print Space in London (still running if you want to see it), quickly followed up by an exhibition in Liverpool at the WCS called 'Fixation' in which I have two bodies of work (again still running). I've also had a number of blogs publish me and my work... To be honest I have been completely overwhelmed by my success and I am so grateful, I love being a photographer/artist.

Anyway, check out the articles etc:

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