Thursday, 5 April 2012


Well its been a few weeks since my last blog, between family life, Uni and commissions things have been a bit busy. But during the maelstrom of activity I have managed to take some time and do a shoot using my favourite camera, my wista 5x4 field camera.

The shoot was basically an alternative approach to 'From The Shadows' digital images from my last blog. I think sometimes you have to try lots of things before you find exactly the look you want and even what you are trying to say. So shooting 5x4 on B&W film was quite a step away from shooting on my 5D mkII.

I think also that the aim of the project is starting the develop more as well. The aim is to capture that time we've all gone through during adolescents in which we change probably more than we ever will again, from a child to eventually emerging as an adult... our character fully developed (my wife may disagree were I'm concerned ha ha). I think I'm interested in the neuro-plasticity, the way as a teen we create new pathways, new character traits only to brush them away and try something new until in our early 20's we finally settle on who we are.

Anyway here's two examples of the 5x4 images, its been nice to do some personal projects... feels like forever since I did, happy days:

The images were shots on Ilford Delta 100 B&W film with one light using a snoot. I then added texture as well as hand colour tinting the images. The aim as the new name of the project is to symbolise the moments when you see hints of the person the teen will become.

I'm thinking that I will narrow the age from 10-21 to 15 to 21 for the project. The next step will be to take the shoot out into different environments... 

I really can't decide on whether or not to go with the 5x4 film look or the digital look from the previous post.... any help or suggestions are welcome!


  1. Go with the camera you enjoy using most and which brings you the most pleasure. The great thing about big cameras is that they slow you down, so it might come down to whether or not you need to know that the shot's in the bag when you press the shutter, or if you prefer to take lots of images, with much les control over each one, knowing that somewhere on the chip there'll be one or two great shots. With people I like to take lots because it gets them comfortable and relaxed, with landscapes I like to work slowly and enjoy the challenge of getting it right first time - and now I'm rambling so I'll stop :)

  2. Cheers Michael, I'm just torn between which style to go with. I love the ease of the digital and the simplicity of editing, it only takes about 2 hours to edit... The film on the other hand is beautiful, its something I haven't done before and I'm a firm believer that you should always push yourself other wise there's no point. But saying that, the editing for one image takes the bet part of a day.

    I agree that digital would be easier with people, making sure I get what i need and a lot less time. But the beauty in the 5x4 is simply unmatched by the digital. Some hard thinking to be done me thinks, maybe go with both until I decide. Might take a leaf out of Diane Arbus's book and pin the images up on a wall for a week and the ones I still enjoy looking at will be the way to go.