Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Well its been a couple of weeks since I've had opportunity to post, but I've not been idle... University has been eating my time, I'm too old for this. Anyway, last hand in and presentation on Tuesday then that's it for this year. So glad now that i did my final year split over 2... means I have more time for my stuff... honest.

I thought I would share these three images which are being exhibited at the moment in Eccles Community Art Gallery. Its part of a group exhibition called 'Identity' and is part of the work produced by the Shroom Collective. 

Shroom started out as a group of friends from Mid-Cheshire college, we all share a vision and willingness to improve our photography as well as promoting community involvement. The brief we set ourselves was to photography something about identity which breaks the prejudice and pre-conceptions of how someone looks physically and other stero-typical assumptions. Rather than working together we all went away and worked independently... it was a risk but has ended up with a lot of very different work that ties together really well. 

I think for me the most interesting part was how we all look at different subject matter and took completely different approaches. Which brings us to my own work.

For this I decided to look at objects which we cherish and hold dear, those personal things that we would take to a desert island with us if we could only take a couple of things. But for me these items tell a story about their owner that isn't necessarily apparent if you just met them. Some have intermit stories, others state facts... here's the images:

I think for me what was really interesting is that I am primarily a portraitist, but with these images I've focused on the object, so I suppose they are still life's. I haven't completely broken the mould as there is a person in the background of each, but they are of lesser importance.

Anyway, enjoy! The exhibition is running and open over the next three saturdays so if your in Eccles pop in and meet the Shroom Collect, or even better... me!

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